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Submission FAQ

Submission FAQ

  • If my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference ?.

    Ans: Yes, you can attend as a Listener/Delegate

  • 2. What is the recommended length for abstracts?

    Ans: Abstracts should be concise, within 200-250 words, capturing the essence of your research.

  • 3. I am the Co-author of the paper, Can I present the work.

    Ans: With the consent of the main author, co-author can present the work.

  • 4. When will I be notified about abstract acceptance?

    Ans:Expect an acknowledgment email within three working days of submission and a final decision within 2-4 days

  • 5. How are papers evaluated for the Best Paper Presentation Award?

    Ans: The Evaluation considers content value, clarity, audio-visual aids, audience connection, and timing.

  • 6. What are the full paper submission guidelines?

    Ans: Full-papers should be 6-8 pages, double-column format, in English, and checked for grammar and clarity.

  • 7. When will I know the results of the paper review process?

    Ans: Full-paper authors will receive results within two to four days of submission, ensuring a timely review process.