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Scope & Benefits

Who Can Attend

  • Research Scholars
  • Educators
  • Industry Professionals
  • Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)
  • Delegates
  • Stakeholders
  • Editorial Board Members of Journals
  • Faculty Scholars
  • Innovators
  • PhD Scholars
  • MBA/Msc. Students
  • Government Officials
  • Technology Experts
  • Students & Alumini’s

Scope of the Conference

APCERSSH encompasses a broad spectrum of topics within the realm of education research. The conference invites submissions and discussions on, but not limited to:

Comparative Studies: Explore research that compares educational systems, policies, and practices across different countries. Examine the impact of cultural, social, and economic factors on education.

Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Discuss innovative approaches, pedagogies, and technologies that enhance teaching and learning experiences. This educational conference will help you explore best practices from diverse educational settings.

Education Policy and Reform: Delve into discussions on the formulation, implementation, and impact of education policies globally. Analyze the effectiveness of reforms and their implications for educational outcomes.

Technological Integration: Examine the role of technology in education and its impact on student engagement, learning outcomes, and the overall educational experience.

Inclusive Education: Explore research that addresses issues of inclusivity and diversity in education. Discuss strategies for creating inclusive learning environments that cater to the needs of all students.

Benefits of Conference

Currently, multidisciplinary research has become the most viable and efficient way to solve the problem. In this era of rapidly changing society, many kinds of socio-economic problems, related to other disciplines such as politics, anthropology, psychology, have arisen which require a holistic approach to find their solution.

When we speak of a multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary research team, we imply collaboration between people from different disciplines. Thus, the concept of a multidisciplinary research team can be considered as a subset of the concept of collaborative research.

By emphasising on collaborative multidisciplinary research, the "APCERSSH-2024", will offer the following benefits to participants -