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Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ

  • 1. What are the registration categories available?

    Ans: We offer different categories, including standard, student, and group registrations. Please check the registration page for detailed information.

  • 2. How can I register for the conference?

    Ans:Registration can be completed online through our conference website. Follow the steps outlined on the registration page for a seamless process.

  • 3. Are there any early bird registration discounts?

    Ans: Yes, we offer early bird discounts for those who register within the specified timeframe. Take advantage of these discounts to save on registration fees.

  • 4. Can I make changes to my registration details after submission?

    Ans: Any modifications to your registration details should be communicated promptly to our team. Please reach out to us for assistance.

  • 5. What is included in the registration fee?

    Ans: The registration fee covers conference materials, access to all sessions, a conference kit, and other amenities specified in the registration package.

  • 6. Is there a cancellation policy for registrations?

    Ans: Yes, there is a cancellation policy. Refund percentages vary based on the timing of cancellation. Refer to the cancellation policy on the registration page for details.

  • 7. Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

    Ans: Transferring registrations is possible. However, certain conditions apply, and you should contact us directly for guidance and approval.