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Eligibility For Committee

Eligibility to Represent on Our Organising Committee

Qualifications for serving on our organizing committee include:

  • Doctorates with over 20 years of professional experience
  • Keynote speakers in at least 10 international conferences
  • CEOs/Managing Directors/Deans/Principals
  • Research Experts

The APSERSSH-2024 Organizing Committee holds the power to make conclusive decisions regarding the conference. Their responsibilities encompass choosing the conference venue, deciding on institutional partners, co-hosts, and media partners, as well as having the authority to select keynote speakers & program chairs, and determine session details.

Eligibility to represent on our Advisory Committee

Requirements for the Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • Dean/Director/Principal with a doctorate
  • Professors/HODs with 10+ years of experience
  • Associate Professors/Lecturers with 5+ years of experience
  • Industrial Professionals with 8+ years of experience
  • Professionals from the host country

The APSERSSH-2024 Advisory Committee serves conference participants by offering information at the venue. This includes providing details about the organization's history and responding to specific participant requests. The committee collaborates with other groups to maintain an events calendar, assists with hospitality, registration, and venue setup, and ensures a well-prepared conference environment.

Eligibility to represent on our Scientific committee

Eligibility for the Scientific Committee includes:

  • Dean/Director/Principal with a Doctorate
  • Must be an experienced Reviewer
  • Should be an Editorial Board Member of a Prestigious Journal
  • Should have served on a review committee for 10+ international conferences

For APCERSSH-2024, the Scientific Committee comprises three subcommittees: Review Committee, Technical Committee, and Editorial Committee. The Scientific Committee plays a vital role in determining important upcoming educational conference 2024 dates, overseeing paper-related processes, developing the final program, and judging abstracts for acceptance. Their responsiveness ensures the conference stays current with research trends, allowing them to present innovative creations during the scientific sessions.

Eligibility to represent on our Hospitality committee

Eligibility for the Hospitality Committee includes:

  • Dean/Director/Principal with a Doctorate
  • Professor/HODs with 10+ years of Experience
  • Associate Professor/Lecturer with 5+ years of Experience
  • Industrial Professionals with 8+ years of Experience
  • Professionals from the host country

The Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Research, Social Science & Humanities (APSERSSH-2024) Hospitality Committee serves as a valuable resource for conference participants. They provide information about the conference venue, including basic details about the organization's history, and respond to specific requests from participants. The committee collaborates with other groups to maintain a calendar of events, crucial for booking facility space and keeping members informed about community activities

Volunteers are assigned to assist with hospitality, registration, venue setup, and conference activities on a rotating basis. Early arrival for meetings ensures proper organization, including seating arrangements, and the setup of the hospitality table with necessary equipment and supplies.

Roles & Responsibilities