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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Virtual Presentation

Oral Presentation

For your convenience, we offer virtual presentations if you are unable to attend the conference in person but still need your work to be presented and published. There are two different types of virtual presentations.

  • Live Video Presentation
  • Power Point Virtual Presentation

Guidelines for Oral Presentation:

  • Ensure your live presentation is engaging and sparks fruitful discussions with the audience, capitalizing on the benefits included in the registration packages.
  • Consider the logical sequence and relevance of your slides, each building a smooth path to the next.
  • Utilize graphs and charts to illustrate key points clearly for better audience comprehension.
  • Keep it simple; avoid excessive complexity with flashy elements, as simplicity enhances message retention.
  • Apply the 6-6-6 rule: limit bullet points to 6 words, 6 bullets per slide, and a maximum of 6 consecutive text slides for impactful presentations.
  • Opt for high-contrast, easy-to-read fonts around 30-point size, avoiding distracting enhancements like ALL CAPS and italics.
  • Keep your presentation within the 8-10 minute timeframe.