Why we Organize APCERSSH-2023?

To Bring Education research ,Social science & Humanities studies to the forefront of society and democratise global technical and engineering knowledge, inspiring and propelling the next generation to use engineering innovation to have a good effect wherever in the globe. To Connect with researchers around the world, advance your career and make a significant mark on your industry, be inspired to solve the world's Biggest Challenges using innovatiive research studies. This International Conference on Educational Research, Social- Sciences, And Humanities, one of the most meticulous specialist conferences of its kind in the academic world, has been specially devised to present technological and additional assistance to intensify investigation and innovative enterprises, disseminating groundbreaking experimental outcomes, as well as innovative magazines/papers.

Theme of the conference

The theme of conference will be 'Examining The Challenges Plaguing Progress In HSS & Educational Research and Pondering Feasible Solutions That Can Pose Stiff Opposition Against These Impediments'.

  • For HSS Participants
    Four types of interaction challenges that will be deliberated over the course of the entire conference include

  • Translational Challenges That Relate To Different Modes & Logics Of Interaction

    The translational impediments have to do with the different logics as well as modes of engagement between those involved. The areas of concern in this category can be divided into two categories -

    • language barriers, and
    • conflicting system logics.
  • Institutional Challenges Related To The Governance & Organisation Of Science

    In this regard, researchers have identified three types of challenges in the declarations. These are -

    • lack of resources,
    • lack of organisational support, and
    • lack of rewards.
  • Epistemic Challenges Related To The Knowledge Creation Processes Of SSH Disciplines

    The category of epistemic challenges describes the knowledge creation challenges of SSH disciplines. It includes two sub-categories -

    • ambiguous results, and
    • contradictory paradigms..
  • Adoption Challenges Related To The Use Of SSH Expertise By Different Stakeholders In Society

    The Adoption Challenges category is concerned with the use of SSH expertise by societal stakeholders. Researchers have identified three types of adoption challenges. These include -

    • the lack of appreciation of the public,
    • the dynamics of public attention, and .
    • the risk of instrumentalisation.

For Educational Research Participants

The theme of conference will highlight and offer solutions for the following three challenges that affect the effectiveness of research in education

  • The Politicisation of Education

    Problems with the effectiveness of educational research begin with the political and partisan nature of education. Public education is a social construct that responds to and is regulated by the government.

  • The Problem Of The Lack Of Definition Of Educational Research As A Science.

    In the early days, educational research was expected to solve the problems of teaching and which prescribes its practice. To achieve this, educational research must create understanding among educators to help them break down the limitations of their educational practices.

  • The Dislocation Between Educational Research & Educational Practice

    Third argument to explain the ineffectiveness of research in education lies in its relationship to the exercise of the profession. The argument focuses on how little influence educational research has had on the development of public education practice schools.

Who Can Attend

  • right-arrow Research Scholars
  • right-arrow Educators
  • right-arrow Industry Professionals
  • right-arrowPractitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)
  • right-arrow Delegates
  • right-arrow Stakeholders
  • right-arrow Editorial Board Members of Journals

Scope & Benefits

The 2023 theme of conference in Bangkok, Thailand has a massive scope and offers a whole host of benefits for Educational Research, Social Sciences and Humanities participants from various walks of life. Some of these benefits include

  • 01 right-arrow

    Helps Understand Society
    When carrying out HSS research, humans become aware and also alert to good and bad things. In order to know the norms, policies, code of conduct of society, one has to learn about the findings of the research that has been carried out or it might become a challenge to survive or be a contributing member of society.

  • 02 right-arrow

    Helps Acquire An Understanding Of Culture
    Each society has its own culture. In order to fully comprehend the culture of a particular society, findings from research studies about that society are necessary to be read.

  • 03 right-arrow

    For More General Awareness
    To educate oneself, reading is the key. Read published books and research already done by an expert. This can be quite difficult for working professionals however, which is why attending this conference is the best alternative.

  • 04 right-arrow

    To Make The Right Career Choices
    Research is necessary in all areas, that is to say, it is ubiquitous. Even the smallest piece of information needs to be researched and understood.

  • 05 right-arrow

    Awareness Of The Truth
    When one wants to know the truth about human behaviour, education and society they have to either learn, read or do the research themselves. If they don't quite have the skills or time to do all this, they can just attend the 2023 APCERSSH conference.

  • 06 right-arrow

    Getting Up-To-Speed With Technology
    Whenever there is new technology being released, humans need to know about it. By getting to know about the research findings that will be shared during this conference, all participants will be updated on the current scenario of the society one lives in.

  • 07 right-arrow

    Difference Between Wrong & Right
    When a person gets to know about HSS and educational sciences research, it builds confidence and also enlightens their mind by informing them about the difference between right and wrong in those areas, which further helps their decision-making.

    For all the above detailed reasons and more, one should definitely partake in the 2023 APCERSSH conference. Whether they belong to the Educational Research field, or the Social Sciences and Humanities fields, they are sure to reap the numerous benefits afforded to participants.

Conference FAQ

Ans: As it is a non-funded event with no sponsors, we are unable to take care of the participant’s travel and accommodation.

Ans: Yes, an official invitation letter in the conference letterhead will be issued once your registration process is successfully completed.

Ans: Participants are requested to take care of the visa process on their own.

Ans: Yes, on paying the accompanying person fee, they can join the conference.

Ans: No, the certificate won't be provided to the accompanying person unless he is a co-author.
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